What a year (to forget)!

The personal and political collide making for tumultuous change. Keep calm and carry on must be the most overused cliché but seems the only appropriate expression to use.

Keeping calm when daughter returns to the family home after 17 years in France with two children and six suitcases to re-establish a life and career on this side of the channel. Her very own Frexit.

Keeping calm while geothermal heating is concurrently installed involving weeks/months of drilling and digging outside, an endless supply of mud inside and out and no living room while underfloor heating is laid. No room to swing a cat let alone for two active boys to launch into a superhero mission.

Keeping calm when my mother announces to her new black African carer that she shouldn’t be eating with us because she is a servant, not family or friend. Gulp! Is this dementia speaking? Or a long buried cultural attitude that has just lost its socialised veneer? But poignantly, after 2 weeks, mum wept when Agnes was leaving to go back to Africa as she feared she might never see her again.

Heightened emotions and anxiety seem to characterise mums particular form of dementia. It makes for a sad life and I haven’t found the antidote. But she is still physically fit and in her own home although in truth the bungalow has never really been her home. Her heart and her memories are elsewhere in a jumbled up jigsaw that will never be put together.

I spend my time yo-yo-ing between the generations as the proverbial sandwich filler while clinging on to a thread of cultural life in the form of La Cercle de Lecture. Currently reading Simone de Beauvoir’s La Femme Rompue (a woman destroyed). Well how appropriate!

But never mind – keeping calm and just about carrying on ……..