This blogger has of late been particularly vegetative politically. But in every other aspect of life has been overwhelmed with major crises of augmentative proportions. Hence – no blogging, no motivation for blogging, no inspiration for blogging.  Zilch. 

The Scottish Referendum was exciting but failed to initiate a post.  The General Election came and went. So far, so underwhelming.  I voted Green, being mega- pee’d off with the offer of Austerity-Lite from the Labour leadership.  I even felt vindicated by the fact that my vote didn’t make a blind bit of difference to the end result despite friends threatening me that hell would freeze over if I didn’t vote for Ed. Labour lost by a landslide anyway. 

Then came the Greek crisis and a mega political infatuation with Yanis Varoufakis. I still hang on to his every word. BUT I understand why Tsipras backed down and gave in to the Euro Bullies. The alternative was too horrendous for Greece to cope with alone. Even though 60% of voters were apparently up for risking it.

And now we have Jeremy.  Bless’im.  Bless him for agreeing to stand.  Bless him for talking straight. Bless him for standing by his principles.  Bless him for trucking around the country at the age of 60 something rallying the committed and the disenchanted. Bless him for initiating the most exciting political debate for decades which was sadly missing during the election campaign. Bless him for ignoring the personal abuse.  Bless him for his calmness in not rising to the bait. And bless him for motivating me to write again. 

And him such an unlikely JC figure. It doesn’t even matter if he doesn’t win cos he’s started something. But I think he will win. And it doesn’t even matter if the Labout Party splits as a result because it is about time the Labout Party did split – Into those who believe in capitalism and those who believe in kindness. High time for them to stop getting the two confused.  And when it comes down to it,  the electorate will also have to choose whether they believe in capitalism or kindness and I’ll go with the majority cos I believe in democracy. Even our crummy first past the post sort of democracy cos that’s all we’ve got for now.   And if capitalism wins in the short term,  I’ll pursue the Creative Commons and continue growing the alternative.  “In a world thus redirected from the ‘shareholder value’ of neoliberalism to the ‘labour value’ of postcapitalism, there would still be labour. But, increasingly, it would be labour voluntarily shared for mutual benefit, rather than contracted and corralled by a capitalist.” (

But call me naive and simplistic and unrealistcally optimistic I don’t think capitalism will win. #JezWeCan!!!!