Change of destination today. Our host Michel recommends a new Hostel, Albergue Izarbide on the Camino 6k on from Deba. We were going to stay in Pikua but that is apparently off the beaten track.

Late start due to visit to the dental clinic at 9am. Straight in, examination and X-ray. Prescribed antibiotics, no charge. Peter had to treat me to antibiotics, only 3€, as I’ve no dosh. I’ve lost (or had pinched) all my euros. That was 3rd tragedy so hopefully my quota! But the speedy efficient treatment was exemplary. I am now a benefit tourist. Long live the EU!


Finally on the road, we heave up uphill again. This route is notorious for its ups and downs. It is still hot despite the weather being predicted to break with storms. Beautiful and different views with the Picos in the distance.
Banana break is first stop and Jude covers up for sun.


Walking onward through woodland it is a bit cooler. Bernt wants to stop for lunch at 12.30pm but Derek persuades us onwards. We know it makes sense. We get to outskirts of Deba and stop where the lorries stop. Problems with the menu for the vegetarians and perennial arguments with Bernt about whose meal belongs to whom. His is the large Paella, obviously!


Lemon trees, wild flowers, Comrade Lennin and No Fracking en route!



We arrive late at the Albergue about 6pm.. It’s been uphill virtually all the way. We are very hot and sweaty and very tired. Loads of other ‘pilgrims’ relaxing with drinks outside this converted cattle shed. It is a pack “em in pile ’em high type of place. Never the less our young entrepreneurial hostess/hospitalera welcomes us with a bottle of cold local cider possibly to sweeten the shock of the sleeping arrangements, soon to be revealed.

Two large dormitories, packed with bunk beds, separate lockers for possessions in another room. 3 beds short for us despite booking this am so chaps are in the ‘garage’ again. Mo briefly mentions hotel and taxi but all too tired and weary so make the best of it. Pleasant apero hour outside with quirkily named nuts and joined by baby goats.