Such a good walk today – sun, sea, blue skies and vineyards ad infinitum but marred by ….. Oh no!! Yes – toothache. Currently have some respite due to 400mg Ibuprofen but have rung Denplan UK and can spend up to £450 at any dentist.


Big question hangs over tomorrow – will I stay or will I go?

In spite of waves of pain that almost make me want to vomit, it has been a brilliant walk.



Getaria is well worth a mini diversion from the historic pilgrim route. Not least because it actually has an outdoor lift and escalators to ferry you up and down to the town. No brainer. A busy fishing port with narrow streets, a historical whaling industry. Definitely a potential holiday destination.


Arrived in Zumaia for lunch. Stunning views of the beach and the town on the approach path. This is apparently the last opportunity to swim as we will be going inland tomorrow. Lunch is Calamares, patatas bravas, pulpo etc


We stay at Villa Luz with Michel in an old family heirloom of a house full of ancient artefacts. Mo and I get our last swim at the beach above which involves a very long walk. Dinner is Pintxos.