Finally Wifi!! A lot of catching up to do.

Free day today to discover San Sebastián or Donostia in Basque speak, a completely unknown quantity. It is magnificently beautiful in its understated celebrity. So well kept and clean. Fabulous beaches and buildings but most famed for its food. More Michelin stars than any other town. It really does deserves more than one day but we did our best.

Collected highlights of day – Derek’s was the football museum with John Toshack Manager of Real Sociodad and John Aldridge player in same team.

Mo’s swimming in the Bay surrounded by amazing views.

Anna’s was Derek’s after dinner musical quiz – she had actually heard of Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson! Jude – the funicular over the bay. Me – proper dinner of scallops gratinée and Lubigo (Bass) but sadly NO veg! Fortunately had salad for lunch and bag of cherries so won’t die of scurvy just yet!

Bernt said his highlight was walking round the old town

But we know it was actually the fact that his horse won a race in Stockholm today and as a result he treated us all to Martini/gin cocktails which he showed the barman how to make.

On returning to our dorm in a merry state we are greeted by a German woman who shouts at us -“excuse ME but I am in my underwear!” Well tough – we live here too.

Church of San Vicente 1507 is San Sebastián ‘a oldest building

Sculpture in the sand by an English guy who looked like he had lived on the beach for the last 20 years.

And cheers to Richard who we are missing enormously!