Pepelo arrives at 8am and whisks off the luggage with instructions to leave it at Santa Ana Albergue in Pasaje, about 15k away. We are concerned that despite Jude having had significant email exchange with one Sonia Martinez reserving for 8, there is now no word from her confirming the hostel will be open to receive our luggage. Doubts are also raised when hospitalera at Irun says there is no phone at Passaje and no policy to reserve. Strange.

It is drizzly and overcast. We head for cafe for breakfast and Bernt and Peter to the airport to try to locate Bernts bag.
Pepelo rings to say hostel is closed and what shall he do with 6 rucksacks? Umm err ….. In desperation he says he will take them back to his house and we must ring him when we arrive somewhere.

We eventually get going on the yellow arrowed Camino de Santiago and drizzle turns to thrashing rain. The memories of last years unremitting soakings are at the back of my mind.
But spirits are reasonably high when we reach the Hermitage for a banana stop

We walk through wet woodland and are fortunately sheltered by trees from the worst of the weather. The first sight of the harbour at Pasaje as the weather clears is stunning.

We arrive at Santa Ana just before 4pm. Again we are first arrivals. Lovely small round hospitelero gabbles incessantly in indecipherable Spanish but we feel welcome and settle in. No sign of any Sonia Martinez and Jude assumes there must be another Santa Ana hostel waiting for us somewhere in Spain.

Such a jolly evening with a plethora of raciones including amazing squid in onion sauce, gambas with chopped pimento and massive langoustines a la plaincha. Lots of singing aided by 3 bottles of vino tinto.

Day ended good!