Started another blog 4 years ago documenting travel to Santiago and seem to have locked myself out of Google’s blog spot so temporarily continuing here


Friday 30th May
Anna, Jude and I left London by Eurostar at 7.30 this morning and seemed to be in Paris in the blink of an eye. Had a coffee and pain au raisin en route and discussed what we might like to do in our 3 days. Seems like we are gonna try and make Cartier Bresson Exhibition at the Pompidou Centre and Paris 1900 (La Belle Epoch) at Le Petit Palais. Line 4 on the metro takes us to Odéon and the flat that Jude has arranged for us. Great location. We dump our stuff and draw lots for beds. Off out to find lunch (ailes de raie and café gourmand) and then wander along the left bank of the Seine like proper tourists. Past Pont des Arts sparkling with love lockets and bookstalls galore until Notre Dame comes into view. Right turn to Shakespeare and Co. Enquire about literary tours but no joy. Back to flat for a cuppa via a trip to Monoprix alimentation for milk and essential supplies. Beautiful balmy early evening entices us out to Le Jardin de Luxembourg, fabulous park and palais apparently created for a Medici pining for Florence. Returning to the flat for cheese and wine (and salad), we consult the copious guidebooks in the apartments to sort out our Rimbauds from our Rabelais and ponder on the possible Hugo effect on Haussman. No doubt tomorrow we will take on board more useful but instantly forgettable information. To bed ……