I’m in a French book club (Cercle de Lecture) and currently reading En Attendant Godot. Samuel Beckett actually wrote it in French in 1948 and then did the English translation himself in the early 50s. I read somewhere that he chose to write in French because he found it easier to write ‘without any style’ when not using his mother tongue. Bizarre, perverse, intriguing? So as I read, I find myself concentrating on his minimalist, unpretentious, less is more genius. I’ve also read that Waiting for Godot seems to have a unique resonance during times of social and political crisis (Susan Sontag in Sarajevo). Significant or what? Or maybe I am just reading too much into the privatisation of our NHS, the dismantling of the welfare state, the demonisation of migrants, the bonuses for bankers and the news this morning that the government is going all out for fracking. Aaaaah!

Sometimes the most eloquent response is indirect. And fortunately, Beckett has brought me back to carrots. Carrots and turnips in fact. Carrots and turnips being the only edibles that two down and outs in Paris have access to and Estragon definitely prefers carrots to turnips.

And by chance, we do have carrots and turnips in your bag this week. Carrots don’t need any selling. Raw, grated, boiled, steamed, stewed, roasted, soups, stocks, juice and cake. Estragon loves them, kids love them, we all love ’em. Keep on munching! But turnips? Well actually you can do all those thinks with turnips too. And something I forgot – stir fry. Thin sticks of turnip in oyster sauce and someone will think you have splashed out on bamboo shoots or water chestnut.

But in reality it was a brassica bonanza the overwhelmed me this week

January King cabbage AND sprout stalks AND purple sprouting broccoli (aka PSB). Used the PSB in one sitting over the weekend, just steamed and delicious. Now for the cabbage and sprout tops. The recipe in the Burnley Cropshare newsletter this week is for Cabbage and White Bean soup with tinned tomatoes and white wine. Now it just so happens that I have some cooked cannelini beans in the fridge from my cassoulet adventure. I always soak and cook the whole packet as it saves on electricity and then make several different dishes or freeze some. Nicer than tinned, not so mushy. So cabbage soup here we come …..

Now doing too much writing and cooking, not enough reading – sorry Sam!